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Payments for one year sponsorships are accepted by PayPal or check or money order.
Paying by PayPal
Be sure to indicate which specific page(s) you wish to sponsor. For example, if you are sponsoring an Annual League
Table, please specify all 3 parts of the tables. For example, you could choose AL-3B-1985. For other pages, please be as 
complete as possible in specifying which page you want. 
The PayPal payment will take the page you're sponsoring and your sponsor ID. Please also e-mail me at
with your e-mail address, your sponsor ID, URL to link to (if applicable) and your message (see guidelines below)
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Paying by Check or Money Order
Send your check or money order payable to Baseball by Positions.com to:
Andre Lower
dba Baseball by Positions.com
400 E. Remington Dr. #B-212
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
When paying by check or money order, please include your e-mail address, your sponsor ID, URL to link to (if applicable)
and your message. (see guidelines below)
New messages will be posted daily. On occasion, I may not be able to post new messages for a few days. Because of that,
the expiration date for newly sponsored messages will extend to 7 days after the one year anniversary of the date the message
is posted.
If you have any questions, please contact me at  alower@baseballbypositions.com
Your support is very much appreciated. As of September 2009, this is a brand new website. You may notice that this is not
slickly programmed, but rather operated manually. My passion is baseball research, not programming. At this time (and until
the revenue stream allows for it), I'm doing the programming along with all of the other functions related to this website.
This website is 100% sponsor supported, containing no advertising. Your support is vital to the maintenance and growth
of this site, allowing numerous planned features to be published in the next few years. 
Message Guidelines
Every message is reviewed by me before it's posted to the sponsored page. Most messages will be accepted and posted
without delay. 
I reserve the right to reject any message for any reason. I'll work with you in revising your message or refund your money
should your message not pass the acceptance test.
Links to offensive or pornographic sites are not acceptable.
You may not misrepresent yourself by using the name of another person or company you don't represent. 
You may not falsely state any commercial ties between yourself and the party(ies) who are the subject of your message.