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Each table has splits for L-R-B handedness, 4 age groups, rookie status and starter/reserve status
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2013 A.L. and N.L. Tables are now posted.
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HOPS is Hitting, On Base, Power, Speed - the four skills that comprise batting Yankees Daily  
performance. The basic batting statistics are defined in terms of these skills and then
evaluated using Runs Created. See how many runs baseball's stars past and present have Other sites to enjoy
created in each of the four elemental batting skills. The results just may surprise you!
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Hall of Fame" by Andre Lower  
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This book uses a combination of three criteria to rate every
eligible player for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Commentaries on
over 500 players are provided. Various issues, including
gambling and steroids, are discussed. Tables ranking every
player by hitters, starting pitchers, and relievers for the Hall
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Visit the new Hall of Fame section to see which Hall of Fame  
qualifying players retired in any given season.   Read excerpts
Hall of Fame  
Salary Productivity - $/Win Share productivity and how much each player was over- or underpaid.
Salary Productivity Index.
The Lineups - Every team season's lineup (starters, top 5 reserves, 4 most active starting pitchers,
2 most active closers, and 3 most active middle relievers. Comparative features are player
position and starter rankings as well as team index ratings for each position.
All AL & NL Teams Index League Season Index Pennant, Top 100, Bottom 100 Index
The Team Position Histories - A complete year-by-year look at each team's position, featuring
all qualifying players from the tables and all of the data found in the tables.
Team Position History Index
Team Position Ratings - All 345 Team Positions are rated as compared to the league average
for their entire histories and then ranked against each other. Each Team Position has its own page
detailing the starters and top rated pitchers as well as the index ratings for that season, the last 5
seasons and cumulative since the beginning of that team position's history. Three other indexes
provide a gateway to other rankings of Team Position Ratings, all with a different perspective.
Team Position Rating Index Team Annual Index
Annual Team Position Rating Index Position Annual Index
The Chronologies - A year-by-year look at each league position and all of the accompanying
splits, featuring individual leaders and league wide averages.
Best & Worst - This is where the all-star teams of various kinds will be housed. For now, the
single season all-star team for each team decade, as well as the American and National Leagues,
are found here. Just added - single season all-star team for each age by team.
Best & Worst
The Guides - Explanation for how the tables work.
Starting Pitchers Relievers Hitters
The Pitching Stats - Annual and all-time leaders for 3 pitching stats found only in the tables.
No Decisions NL AL
Win/Start Pct. NL AL Misc
SO/(W + H) NL AL Misc
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